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We will not be intimidated by AmaBhungane’s apartheid regime-like tactics

By: Carl Niehaus Freedom of speech is a fundamental, inalienable, right enshrined in our Constitution. Many of us who have fought in the liberation struggle...

Harvey remains flawed on the question of a Cape Town ‘Coloured’ workers-class identity of...

By:  Clyde Ramalaine Harvey’s response dictates, he was dealing with Facebook vulgarity and he instructively demands us all stick to that as his debate, Yet,...

Cometh the hour, delayeth the man

By: Arthur Van Nel Dear President Ramaphosa I, like many South Africans, are bedeviled by an increasing restlessness that fuels a discontent which, I suspect, those...

Since COVID-19 is the enemy and we at war – is it not time...

By: Clyde Ramalaine A soft and slow return is irrational and also impractical - If we are at war with COVID-19, can we stop running and...

A tale of friends in a cabal staged a coup in Cricket South Africa

By: Chris Landsberg As a student of politics and diplomacy I have always been fascinated with coups de’ tat in Africa. This should not be...

Why do you hate coloured People so much, Gayton McKenzie

By: Gayton McKenzie The Marikana massacre will go down as one of the worst in South Africa, as did the Boipatong massacre. The politicians’ voices...

Speelman lives up to his surname to play a dangerous brand of racist and...

By: Attie van Nel Being connected by DNA, heritage and destiny to those Bronville “drunkards”, I wish to assure the Mayor that the lockdown regulations saw...

Dismantling the ‘green energy’ myth?

By: Hadebe Hadebe  Well in the past I have declared my undying hatred for the climate change agenda and its so-called clean energy technologies such...

The Question of vulgarity: A response to Ramalaine and others

By: Ebrahim Harvey On the 20th April, I posted a piece, 'Spare a Thought for Ramaphosa and the ANC', which dealt with the enormous and...

Chris Roper, the drunken mouthpiece of white monopoly capital

Roper’s drunken stupor confirms more than meandering slurred speech, but a racist mind.   Chris Roper on the 22 October 2018 penned an article saturated in vitriol...


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