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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Clyde Ramalaine  -        who guards the guardians? – Abie Zaidannas from Indonesia, in his prism on what the role of the media is in a democratic society, asserts: “Media plays important roles in a democratic society and could not be separated from the democracy itself. Ideally, the media is a tool to educate the voters, giving them facts, news and balanced opinions about...
Keynote address by the ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule during the BRICS political parties plus dialogue held in Pretoria It is our great honour and privilege, to take the opportunity of this rare historic moment of the BRICS political parties plus dialogue, to welcome you to South Africa. We indeed welcome you back home to the cradle of mankind, the country...
Tribute by the Secretary-General of the ANC Cde Ace Magashule during the funeral service of the late Cde Ndleleni Moses “Prof” Duma held at J.B Marks Municipality in the North West Province On behalf of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress, we take the opportunity of this rare difficult moment of sorrow, of the funeral service of Comrade Ndleleni Moses...
My dear brother, friend and comrade Themba Tshabalala. You know I value your honest opinion and highly appreciate your good counsel. I know you mean well and the Zulu saying you quoted is absolutely spot on. How I wish this battle was only about our past and we could easily leave this behind us. Unfortunately, the PRASA, Transnet, SABC, Denel, SAA,...
Clyde Ramalaine In recent weeks the work of the SoCC (State of Capture Commission) chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo appears to take some strain for a variety of reasons. It all depends where you stand, since your view on the unfolding commission may be directly influenced by your disposition. One thing is certain the terms of reference for the...
Tribute by the Secretary General of the ANC Cde Elias Sekgobelo Magashule during the occasion to mark the second anniversary of the passing on of the Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro held at Fidela Castro Building in Bloemfontein, Free State province on 24 November 2018   On the occasion of this historic ceremony to mark the second...
Clyde Ramalaine “Our real concerns are the palpable signs of a social breakdown all around us: the ever more blatant examples of greed and corruption involving public figures, who are expected to be role models for our youth…” These are words attributed to the late Neville Alexander as he shares in arguably his last published work entitled ‘Thoughts on the...
By: Hloni Nyetanyane  “Let the people know the truth and the country will be safe” is a quote attributed to Abram Lincoln which a journalist born in Dannhauser, a small coal town in KZN does not subscribe to. The journalist in question here is one Ranjeni Munusamy who is famous for her political meddling than reporting the truth while sitting...
Clyde Ramalaine “Ah, ah, yeah (Lies, lies) ooh, baby (lies) Well, well. We took a vow to be ever true. I lived up to mine, tell me, did you? Someone saw you with your old lover. Hand in hand, I don't understand. You said it ended so long ago. You had me believing while you were deceiving me with lies (lies). Wish...
Clyde Ramalaine    - Disruptions usually occur where order protests a presence - Jeremy England in his postulated disruption theory as physics asserts, “life is the universe’s way to dissipate energy more efficiently, meaning that what we see as an order is really just nature’s way of spreading disorder more broadly.”   England’s mind in this regard, therefore, leads that, we assume the...


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