Protestors in Durban demand “death” of high fuel prices


DURBAN, August 13 – A hearse and coffin were focal points of a march in central Durban on Monday where protestors were calling for the “death” of high fuel prices.

Organised by People Against Petrol and Paraffin Price Increases (PAPPPI), a small but vocal group of marchers made their way to the Durban City Hall.

Speaking along the route, PAPPPI national coordinator, Visvin Reddy, said it was time to tell the government “enough is enough”.

“There should be no further increases. The time has come for fuel prices to come down in this country. We are calling on the president to issue a moratorium that there will be no further increases,” said Reddy.

He said the increases in fuel, VAT and, most recently, bread, were leading to suffering, particularly among the poor.

“We cannot accept these high prices any longer.”

“We will stand together, every South African, and unite against these high fuel prices,” he said.

“If we don’t do something about it, these prices will continue to increase.”

Consumers are reeling following an increase in VAT and steep petrol hikes, with knock-on effects being felt in every sector. Motorists are currently paying R15.43 per litre in coastal areas and R16.02 inland.

South African’s have experienced increases in all fuel types since January 2018.

Petrol has increased by as much as R1.60 (inland) and R1.50 (Coastal); diesel has spiked by R1.73 and paraffin is up by as much as R1.12 (inland) and R1.09 (coastal).

VAT increased from 14 to 14 percent in April.

On Friday, Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene released a report on additional considerations to the current list of 19 zero-rated VAT items to help ease the burden on the poor.

While consumers wait to see if those recommendations will be adopted, the price of taxi fares was also increased this month, placing an additional burden on the majority of the population.