Academy award winner Tsotsi


South Africa not only churns out culture and diversity but also entertainment. The country has produced artists like Abdullah Ibrahim, Adrian Dickson, Alexander Michaeletos, Alfred Ntombela etc. Coming to films, the country has never disappointed in delivering masterpieces. Let’s talk about Academy award winner Tsotsi.

It is a 2005 film that was directed by Gavin Hood and it has been adapted from a novel ‘Tsotsi’ authored by Athol Fugard. It was produced by Peter Fudakowski and the soundtrack was by Kwaito music by a South African artist Zola. Also, the music scores were given by Paul Hepker and Mark Kilian. The film features the voice of protest singer and poet Vusi Mahlasela.

The film is based in an Alexandra slum in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a story about a young boy who elopes from his abusive father and ends up with gangs and goons. During a situation wherein he steals a car, he realizes that there is a baby in the back seat. His life undergoes different turns. The story revolves around Tsotsi,  this young boy. This film was nominated the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film in 2006. Gavin Hood savored nomination for the 2005 Non-European Film – Prix Screen International at the European Film Awards.

The film received positive reviews from critics and movie reviewers. It had a limited release and was shown in 6 theatres and finally, shown in 122 theatres. It earned gross $9.88 million. The film was rated 82% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie was appreciated for its execution and also for the fact that the film ended on a positive note – how a bad man changes into good. The film talks about hope and not despair.

The film that was adapted from the novel with the same name was a remarkable execution. The novel has a backdrop of apartheid and its application in the modern times has been acclaimed. The film has been appreciated and loved by one and all.