Men’s Fashion In The 60’s


The 1960s was curiously messed up time to live in. London was getting disillusioned with its values; New York with its Society; Delhi with Nehru; the list is endless. And as is common with all “Breaking Away” movements, the youth of the era was at its epicenter.  With an increased focus on the youth of the era, among the many things that experienced the change in the society was fashion. While women’s fashion revolutionized, men’s fashion became more subtle and yet focused on the youth. It was a surprisingly uniform change spread over both the hemispheres of the globe, with London being one of the pioneers.

The Mod lifestyle popular at the time was based on minimalism and balance. The upper garments were loose while the lower garments well fitted. The inspirations for the colors were often earthy with Khaki proliferating the market and even ironically even a version of the Nehru Jacket. The footwear was utilitarian but with global influences. The era saw talented fashion designers like Mary Quant, Jea Muir, Emilio Pucci, Bill Gibb etc. The pop culture icons like the Beatles, Sean Connery, Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner are looked up to even now for what they wore. It is said about Audrey Hepburn that she did more for the designer that the designer did for her, a reference to the label Givenchy of course.

Over in India, the drainpipe pants as they were called then, took a new breath. Costume designer Bhanu Athaiya who worked in films like Teesri Manzil, Guide, and Amrapali gave Bollywood a fresh look which was different from the more traditional for of male attire in the fifties. Actors like Dev Anand and Shammi Kapoor with their film and public appearances represented the new wave in men’s fashion

So what would be the essential fashion requirements for light winters? Well, a pair of fitted khakis is a must; add to that a dash of white socks and Brown Chukka boots. On the top a comfortable Polo-shirt and a minimalist leather/suede/denim jacket of your choice. To complete the Steve Macqueen look you can even wear a turtleneck sweater instead and a cool pair of shades to grin at the increasingly lousy sunlight.

If you want a formal look, then a three-piece suit tailored on the aforementioned theory of minimalism and global approach would be your best bet.