Welcoming Mintaka in the family of Vermont leather bags


Vermont is a famous brand and it has brought in Mintaka, a new name aimed at focusing on leather bags and accessories. It is the latest addition under the umbrella of the Vermont Leathercraft Manufacturers umbrella. It is a local leather company and they have been basking in the glory of business for three decades now.

The name ‘Mintaka’ has been inspired by the third multiple stars located in the constellation of Orion’s belt. This was because the latest brand is the third leaf in the brand’s leather manufacturing story.

When Vermont was incorporated, it started with belts and bags. And it was just a start! Since the time of its inception, the company has expanded exponentially and it now offers high-quality handbags, hospitality items, travel accessories and corporate gifts.

Use of A-grade leather
This particular brand Mintaka uses A-grade leathers that are locally sourced. All the products under Mintaka are made up of A-grade leather. Also, the brand uses the South African genuine ostrich leather. The appearance is distinct and known as vacant quill follicles which are ranged around a smooth field in different densities.

As per the team, the items are both stylish and realistic and when they merge with technology and traditional skill sets, the products are extraordinary. The team claims that they continuously work on improving the design and quality. This helps in going at par with the internal standards of design.

If you are keen to check out the bags for latest design and prints then why not check them online. This will give you a vivid look at what the brand is offering and how different it is from the other items. The products are available in different sizes, colors, and designs, thus spoiling you with enough choices. Also, the items are available at different prices to suit your requirements. You can get bags for men, women, and for purposes like travel, corporate, etc. You can go for any bag you want to.

If you have a fetish for bags, don’t forget to try Mintaka this time.