“CIA backed Ramaphosa destroying the ANC” – Edward Zuma


Ayanda Mdluli

As further distrust within the ANC’s leadership structures grows, claims are being made by some of its senior members that external forces, represented by international organisations are working over time to “rip apart” and “destroy the ANC from within”.

Former President Jacob Zuma’s son Edward made claims on Monday that the current ANC and South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa does not enjoy the support of most branches in the movement and that he is backed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Zuma made some startling new claims that Ramaphosa, through his alleged backing by the CIA is “hell bent on destroying the ANC”.

Zuma made further claims that Ramaphosa has resorted to unleashing “economic hit-man” style chaos within the structures of the embattled liberation movement “which is demonstrated by what is going on in the North West, KwaZulu-Natal, Free State and the Eastern Cape”.

Speaking to Africa News 24-7, Zuma said since Ramaphosa took office there has been no stability within the ANC structures.

“In my humble opinion this is a deliberate move. Ramaphosa does not have a constituency that is fully behind him and the alliance is a figment of the imagination of Blade Nzimande and Sdumo Dlamini who are purely there for self-preservation,” he said.

According to Zuma, for Ramaphosa to prolong his stay in office and promote the “prevailing chaos”, he is going to Call an early election.

“Also, the NEC will be called upon to put together a list of individuals who will be deployed to the National Assembly. The list will consist of all the MP’s loyal to him and who will ensure he is elected as President after the election – by the way the list has been compiled by CIA already,” he said.

He made more claims that Ramaphosa’s next move would be to ensure that branches are side-lined and will be duly informed that the National Executive Committee is the highest decision-making body.

“Towards the election we will see the re-emergence of Save SA and the likes to push the narrative. Ramaphosa does not believe in the ANC branches but he believes in civil society groupings and opinion makers – those are his branches. It is against this background that he feels threatened by the Jacob Zuma aligned church groupings as they pose a serious threat to the chaos that he wants to unleash in the party,” said Zuma.

He suggested that the ANC structures and branches are the only solution to stop the so called purported chaos that is ready to be unleashed.