A day of shame for our nation – Bathabile Dlamini


By: Bathabile Dlamini

A warrant of arrest issued against former President Cde Jacob Zuma has come as a shock to us as South Africans.

Reports state that judge Dhaya Pillay rejected the sick note for Military 1 Hospital, stating that she issues the warrant of arrest against President Zuma, pending a stay, till his next appearance.

This warrant must be seen for what it is, a tool of intimidation and continued assault on President Zuma even in his retirement.

One would be quick to remember that the same judge who issued this questionable warrant is the same judge who presided over the negative judgement about a Tweet in the Hanekom vs Zuma matter. This litany of negative and vindictive judgements against Zuma points to nothing but a personal vendetta against the former President.

Daily, we witness the judiciary butcher the rights of former President Jacob Zuma at the altar of political convenience. They do this as a mino-cabal of family and friends of politicians who have an axe to grind against Cde President Zuma.

By the nature and nature of work, judges are supposed to be above reproach. When the judiciary takes questionable decisions, it is the justice system that suffers. Our young democracy has to guard the gains of democracy by ensuring that the integrity of the state institutions and arms of the state remain in tact.

The warrant of arrest against former President Zuma really flies in the face of fairness and justice. It is a travesty of justice.

The warrant of arrest against former President Zuma is nothing but a symptom of how blacks and black lives are disregarded, and treated with disdain.

All the personal dignity, rights and humanity is ripped out of the hands of President Zuma, who is now a pensioner. What makes the warrant of arrest more painful is that the rejected sick note comes from a state institution and it’s authenticity would be effortless to verify.

Red carpets, VIP treatments and Courteous treatment is given to apartheid murders such as De Clerk, but President Zuma’s illness is trivialized and turned into a joke.

Instead of having sympathy and respecting or protecting his constitutional rights, there sectors of society that want to destroy Zuma at all cost. There are those that want to turn Cde Zuma’s head into a trophy to feed their narratives – whilst we have murderers addressing conferences and turned into paragons of morality.

Cde President Zuma is a struggle hero who together with many sacrificed all his life to the freedom and democracy we enjoy today. He is a citizen, a former head of state who was supposed to be allowed to enjoy his state pension and quiet family life.

But the evil white establishment will not rest! They need a scapegoat to rewrite history and defocus nation from our real problems. Zuma is that convenient scapegoat.

The venom, vindictiveness, viciousness and hatred demonstrated against President Zuma is worrisome, and points to an invisible hand that would want to see him dead or his legacy and personal image destroyed.

Someone at President Zuma’s age can no longer behave the same as a person in the height of their youth. With age, the is a completely different response and reaction to illness or even the speed to heal. OnceĀ  someone gets admitted or receives medical attention, it becomes a very serious matter.

Does the judge want to believe that Msholozi is ill when he is pushed in a stretcher in court?

Cde President Zuma has always availed himself to court without fail. This case has been going on for almost 15 years and he has never tried to evade justice. We have observed that the same treatment against President Zuma is not meted out to his other co-accused in the same case. The courts are very sweet to them.

The judiciary must not turn itself into a public opinion arena. Its conduct must always be above reproach. This freedom and independence of the judiciary was achieved through blood, sweat and toil of our forebearers. Our freedom was not free.

Who we are, what we are and what we stand for must not be put to the test. No one must be allowed to threaten the stability of our constitution or allowed to reopen the old wounds at this critical time of our country.

Our country, our movement and true leadership must stand up and defend the revolutionary by not allowing recklessness and ill manner which our 13th ANC President is treated.

People who do not have respect for their own can never be respected by anyone else. We must not invite the lynching, disregard and disrespect against our own. When they are done with Zuma, tomorrow it would be another Comrade.

Lastly, the merits and demands of this case are a discussion for another day for our eyes are wide open and we can see what is happening.