A Stellenbosch/Brenthurst mRNA vaccine hybrid ANC/DA coalition plan for SA governance with Ramaphosa and Madonsela as the presidential team in his second term


By: Clyde Ramalaine

– A coalition is on the cards as part of an endgame plan to finally bury what is considered a corrupt ANC –

In a season where we are bombarded with debates, accusations of expired COVID-19 vaccines and dosages arriving in dribs-and-drabs we are preoccupied with the obvious, namely  our health and safety. Yet Stellenbosch and Brenthurst long got their vaccine shots and is hardly occupied with the physical vaccines but the machinations of delivering a proverbial mRNA vaccine which is designed to alter the DNA of the ANC once and for all. They hard at work on the not so obvious for the non- discerning eye, meaning the actual realigning of the political power reality in SA. It is claimed in some circles that mRNA vaccine consists of foreign to the human body material that may alter the DNA of the recipient. The ramifications of this we are told can be disastrous. Let me leave the medical and DNA scientists to shout at each other  on this, I instead want to suggest is it not possible that the ANC is vaccinated with an mRNA based vaccine that is altering the original DNA of the ANC which will result in a split not long from now?

Stellenbosch has never since Nelson Mandela felt so optimistic and close to having their ideal of a hybrid model of SA governance where a majority black party will never again lead SA. Some will say what do you mean since Mandela. Well as romantic as some would like to make the era that fits the term of the democratic elections in 1994. We must not underestimate or downplay that we are  Negotiated Settlement.  There is also very little debate that Mandela was in daily meeting with Harry Oppenheimer, Clive Menell among others. These meetings found an already mellowed old man willing to be directed by the mining-complex dynasty families. These meetings as we all know often took place behind the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA). Mandela the face of a ANC led black liberation struggle I wish to postulate was duly vaccinated by the first drops of an mRNA vaccination while still in prison. By the time he stood on the Grand Parade and gave his first public address since the 60’s,  the drug was working already. Don’t forget who held the microphone as part of the Release Mandela Committee. Mandela spent more than enough time in the company of white monopoly capital interest who told him he can’t nationalise anything.

Then came the unfortunate but well-timed death of Chris Hani, perhaps the last original revolutionary who died in a toxic political conundrum of white and ANC leaders personal interest. The true story may never be told but there is enough to suggest the infiltrated ANC had a hand if not an ear in his death. After Hani’s death and many of us as young lions were ready to go back to the support of an armed struggle we were cooled off with an election promise. A Government of National unity in which apartheid and liberation struggle leaders served together. In South Africa, the Stellenbosch/Brenthurst miracle was born.

It produced what the late Mother of the Nation Winnie Mandela coined ‘the ANC is not in power but in office’. Blacks in political office and dependent on colonial and apartheid economic elites to take care of them in economic corrupt deals that would ensure a future existence and power of white interest endorsed by a wholly compromised black ANC leadership. This type of leadership would become what I termed the buffer-zone and new mlungus. Mandela was in on this since he it can be argued was part of the genesis of this when he could boldly tell us at the opening of Steyn’s House the struggle was won because of principled people like the questionable Douw Steyn. When Steyn is on record to have asked of the late Frederick Van Zyl Slabbert, ‘stel my voor aan die lot en jy kan my huis vir al jou vergaderings gebruik’. [introduce me to this new lot in exchange you can have access to my house for all your meetings] Such a lie was seldom told but it was told by the one whose mind had been more than messed with and as some of us long ago said sold out. The vaccine was working. It worked to the point that he became the icon of white interest used as a sjambok to keep all blacks in check while his people suffer. Until he donned  a green Springbok shirt now immortalised as the hero of whiteness.

Stellenbosch/Brenthurst post-Mandela for a while had access to Thabo Mbeki and made his wife exceptionally wealthy they however didn’t like his arrogance to talk about race and his 1998 ‘’two nations state” analysis, and his nationalist rhetoric. They were willing to bid their time because Mbeki became obsessed with his personal reincarnation of a Kwame Nkrumah Renaissance vision. Stellenbosch and Brenthurst were planning when Mbeki spits BEE pollution which some hold was Oppenheimer’s bequeathed legacy though it was articulated by the political face of Mbeki. Their agenda suffered for a short while though not materially since he with his policies and his Finance Minister Trevor Manuel served them very well allowing for the divesting of billions out of SA. He would become a African Renaissance obsessed philosopher-king leader  as Adekeye Adebajo would later describe him. With this BEE pollution a few black paper tigers would emerge but whites quadrupled their wealth at every instance because every BEE deal worked better for them. Ideologically Mbeki sounded the opposite while economically he had GEAR ASGISA and was relaxing the outflow of currency. Mbeki the Renaissance guru was not liked but he didn’t stop the control and power of Stellenbosch and its colonial Brenthurst interest. He did nothing about land redress even with a two thirds majority. Instead Mbeki relied on the World Bank and IMF handouts leading an administration which had as a priority the fiscal control and discipline where austerity measures became the end and be all, in line with IMF and World Bank directives.

We are right back there if you noticed, after almost ten years of an absence of IMF and World bank direct influence under Jacob Zuma, Ramaphosa and his obdurate Finance Minister Tito Mboweni who was not even Ramaphosa’s choice  but was told by the powers that be it shall be Mboweni. I need not jog your memory on how Ramaphosa played Russian-roulette on the eve of the announcement of the minister of treasury. Mboweni got that call after 9pm, after Mcebisi Jonas rejected it,  I supposed in the same fashion how he rejected R600m in offer from a guy he is not sure who it was.

Then came the Zuma era, he came to power against the wishes of the so-called aristocratic and intellectuals in the ANC who never thought it possible that a peasant would become president. Zuma an underdog both in and outside the ANC never had close relations with Stellenbosch and the Brenthurst crowds. As he so often noted, when they came back from exile ANC leaders were given homes by the Stellenbosch and Brenthurst groups. Zuma while not overtly hanging out with the Stellenbosch and Brenthurst groups continued in his predecessor’s policy choices for economic solutions meaning he in the first term of his presidency did very little to break with the Old-West control of SA as a colony. Zuma thus indirectly while not a friend of the Brenthurst / Stellenbosch cohorts aided the agenda of Stellenbosch though there was never any direct relationship as his predecessors Mandela and Mbeki had. Zuma’s radicalising of the ANC in his second term was him reading the signs of the time. That radical ANC was never going to work for the Stellenbosch / Brenthurst crowds. So, Zuma had to go and carry the can as the embodiment of a corrupt ANC, when Ramaphosa who must answer on accusations levelled against him by Brian Molefe, Matshele Koko and others, automatically for some became the moral beacon as corruption buster. Se voet!

Fast-forward to the year 2017, Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa who left the ANC angry as its secretary-general around in 1991, because he could not become vice-president under Mandela would now contest. The truth is the idea to have him as deputy president was that of the very Stellenbosch and Brenthurst crowds who swindled the mind of Mandela and persuaded him this was the best choice for SA. The true history of Ramaphosa is not ANC, Ramaphosa is historically linked with an association of the Urban Foundation. At best he is a Urban Foundation Leaguer. The idea of the Urban Foundation is the original mind of Harry Oppenheimer although on the day of its launch in Johannesburg where 200 businesses gathered the privilege to articulate its strategic ethos on the day was extended to Anton Rupert who was BJ Vorster’s opponent for presidency. Rupert senior settled to give political power to Transvaal in a deal that saw him become the economic ruler with a slew of government contracts.

The Urban Foundation’s focus from the start had a clear agenda. It was to keep kaffirs,  hotnots and coolies in their township dwellings while they appear to beautify these townships They would plant some trees and add some street furniture to the apartheid townships just enough to ensure the darkies don’t become too angry to revolt and want to come to white suburban SA. Two years of after the 1976 Soweto Uprise, when others left SA to go into exile because of the liberation cause, Ramaphosa joined the Urban Foundation. In the words of Irene Menell,  “we adopted him [Cyril] as a charity gesture into the Urban foundation.’ His entire rise to a crafted popularity was stage-played and came sponsored by Oppenheimer who needed a milder workers-union. NUM the hybrid vaccinated workers entity was born despite betrayals that left Piroshaw Camay of CUSA to his grave distraught with his protégé Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa. Ramaphosa would use his claim to fame the much made and publicised 1986 Strike to negotiate with a struggling – bush- camp based ANC political power in future anticipation. This would catapult him into talks with the ANC in Lusaka. We must at some point ask what the impact of NUM leaders as SG’s of the ANC have been since Ramaphosa? Some research student warrant engaging was this not part of the vaccination to produce NUM leaders as ANC Secretary-Generals.

A few years later the influence of the mRNA Stellenbosch/Brenthurst cocktail vaccine in the ANC would be seen when Ramaphosa against the better thinking, ethos culture, against original ANC history emerged as its Secretary-General and in control of the ANC. It’s during this time that he unilaterally replaced Thabo Mbeki as ANC chief negotiator and replaced Zuma as intelligence head with Terror Lekota. Also, the period in which as we are told the files on the Coloured boys of Bird Island shenanigans were brought to the ANC at Shell House. Your guess is as good as mine nothing happened to those files in what I argued elsewhere the Coloured boys of bird island became collateral damage not to scupper the negotiations. I personally on behalf of our TMOSA Foundation wrote to both Ramaphosa and Lekota to seek clarity on what they knew besides an acknowledgement of my communique from Michael Louw in the presidency until now neither Ramaphosa nor Lekota responded. The ANC under SG leadership of Ramaphosa saw it not morally correct and appropriate to even bring the information of such a child abuse to the TRC where it could have been ventilated.

The vaccine was working until he failed to secure the deputy president role and in childish anger refused to attend Mandela’s inauguration. He would later emerge with the new assignment as assigned to deliver in co-leadership the drafting of the constitution before he exited in Anton Rupert style banished to wealth not earned but handed out by those who made him since 1978. He is and remains their protégé.

So, what is the big plan Stellenbosch/Brenthurst is working on for the future of SA governance? You must respect Stellenbosch they always work 25 – 40 years ahead. It is known fact that, that when Mandela was inaugurated Stellenbosch/ Brenthurst determined the ANC will be in office for 30 years no more no less. So, they somehow envisaged the return of their plan immanent in their guy. This wish was made easier by those in the ANC who suggested he be brought back in 2012. Stellenbosch smiled their plan was going to work. They spent more than a billion to buy an ANC election yes you guess right albeit by a very narrow margin of 179 votes after courts and Judges like JP Mlambo who today stands accused by Advocate Brink as an ‘un-convicted criminal’ had his hand in determining the NASREC conference outcomes by disqualifying branches that would do not support CR17 candidacy.

Well by March 2020 we all know Ramaphosa was failing on every front, he never had any control over the ANC let alone the economy. Despite a slew of talk-shops on empty investment commissions publicity stunts and cargo diplomacy of lights, camera flashes he failed to produce a coherent strategy on fixing a SA economy. Then came the proverbial godsend of COVID -19 pandemic or as some of us calling it a plandemic and Cyril was now going to run the country by Marshall Law at the hand of a Disaster Management Act. The Stellenbosch/Brenthurst agenda was always to work for the attaining of a mild, incoherent malleable ANC. The methodology they would apply is to dole capital to ANC political elites their wives , children and friends. Key to their strategy was to divide the house and everyone knows money divided the best of family and friends. A weak and mild capital -bought ANC is suiting the agenda of Stellenbosch. The prophecies that the ANC will hardly rule for 30 years when it is reduced to the ash heap of history as having failed not only its original cause but the millions who trusted it in elections when its soul was long infected by the Brenthurst and Stellenbosch cohorts resurfaced. Is it any wonder that Ramaphosa tried to rebuke us when we talk of white monopoly capital and singing the praises of those who stole land and held is kept in inequality until now. The same toxic Stellenbosch crowd who could summon the Fikile Mbalula to instruct him to tell Zuma if you fire Gordhan we will collapse this economy.

Almost a year later, Ramaphosa is apparently under instructions to deliver the ANC to a table of a hybrid governance. Cyril must endeavour to bring the already capital induced ANC through his lackeys in the NEC to the table. Given the fact that Ace Magashule and others won’t let that happen. Meaning Ramaphosa must half the ANC since Stellenbosch and Brenthurst will bring the DA thus birthing a hybrid party. CR17 will have a second term but Thuli Madonsela the one who was instrumental to bring the ANC to its knees through the political campaign of state capture commission would be first rewarded with a professor role at the bastion of apartheid ingenuity, later knighted in France she would be his deputy in the hybrid ANC/DA model. This deal was discussed before COVID-19 which has rendered the ANC in functional programme dysfunctional. Use COVID -19 to destabilize the ANC. I can hear you say, shut up your conspiracy theorist, while others have open mouths trying to figure out how I know this. Notice when Ramaphosa wrote his letter to  the ANC he said the ANC is corrupt, he exonerated himself. Is it any wonder D leader John Steenhuisen today can  direct he is willing to make a deal with Cyril but not David Mabuza the deputy president of the ANC.  Even le known piece is in the heat of Ramaphosa’s CR17 campaign when Steve Motale of the Sunday Independent broke news of his infidelities with young ladies, Ramaphosa contemplated giving up the race but by his own admission disclosed it was John Steenhuisen of the DA who was first to advise him not give up. Later on, Paul Mashatile and Gwede Mantashe spoke to him also. So, when the Sunday Times the known mouthpiece of Cyril Ramaphosa leads today with a deal from Steenhuisen measure the depth of this deal not as from now but elongated.

COVID-19 the curse of Donald Trump  thus became a blessing to realign, contain and recalibrate the balance of forces in the ANC. The COVID-Emperor would maximise the moment to ensure the ANC programmes and events are derailed and the NGC again postponed with no real hope of it happening any time before July 2021. Anyone who knows how the ANC functions knows how significant its programmes are for its sustenance, so not being able to gather to engage from branch level renders the ANC a dysfunctional sitting duck in which peripheral narratives of ‘step- aside’ is given central space and not the agenda of redress. Another dimension Stellenbosch employs the is buying of hungry NEC votes to remove Ace Magashule. Meaning if you fail to break the party in two, hat is halving the party and let that half join the DA because ideologically there is no difference between the ANC under Ramaphosa and the DA under Zille and Steenhuisen. That’s why no radical policy of the ANC could be implemented  because the president of the ANC who is also president of South Africa does not believe in any of the radically adopted policies that made him president in the 54th Conference. His only interest is a second term and it never mattered how that was going to come. He is  under clear direction to speak from two mouths such we heard him say ‘I rather will be called a weak president but I won’t split the ANC’  when his very work is to that end because the DA is ready to do the deal.

The second term guaranteed and history will record that Ramaphosa’s true legacy  legacy in ANC organisational sense is he gave SA a hybrid-party of governance of inverse liberal definition working for the destruction  of the liberation movement. So, while you talk COVID-19 and look for masks and is trapped in zoom meetings, crying because you cannot lay your hands on any COVID aid money which as my one friend said, the president report on but no official can give you a phone number or email address while white business scored big from COVID aid. His increasingly favourite Minister of Small Business Development Khumbudzo Ntshavheni who recently also replaced the late Jackson Mthembu as Minister in the Presidency,  reluctantly had to admit. Stellenbosch is at work, walala wazala!!

I have said Zuma’s confirmed refusal to appear before DCJ Zondo is a legitimate refusal. It is certainly not any constitutional crisis; it is only a political crisis for Ramaphosa and his Rubicon. But as we know every crisis can be used wisely so  Stellenbosch/ Brenthurst vaccine plan for the ANC and Ramaphosa is simple take it to the hilt and split the ANC there is in any case two ANC’s. In that sense Zuma’s insistence to have Zondo recuse himself for which he has what legally is understood as  good cause since he has a case against the chair is protesting a fulcrum moment in the ANC but more so for Ramaphosa.

If you see Ramaphosa in recent weeks this buoyant, hawking all television channels do not think it as accidental the deal is on, a second term even with or without the ANC majority is more than on the cards. You do not have to believe me, remember what the Titanic voyagers were told while the ship was sinking. Then again what do I know as a public theologian and a conspiracy theorist that one day may be called a prophet. All I know is I do know why I will never trust the virus that entered the ANC in Ramaphosa joining the ANC, from the ranks of the Urban Foundation. I, therefore, will never be able to trust the vaccine Stellenbosch/ Brenthurst produced and  which Ramaphosa is the chief salesman in hope of serving us all until heard immunity in the ANC is reached.

Clyde N. S. Ramalaine
A Lifelong Social Justice Activist Political Commentator & Writer is a SARChi D. Litt.et. Phil candidate in Political Science with the University of Johannesburg. Chairperson of TMoSA Foundation – The Thinking Masses of SA