Ace Magashule considering legal action amidst state capture allegations


PRETORIA, April 1  – Secretary-general of the African National Congress, Ace Magashule, on Monday said he was not at liberty to comment on the numerous allegations of rampant corruption and heading up a well-organised state capture network, among other things, because he is considering approaching the courts.

“Let me not enter that space because I’m only worried because I’m considering the legal route. All the time you write allegations, you don’t write facts,” Magashule said as he addressed journalists in Pretoria on the sidelines of the governing party’s special national executive committee meeting in Irene, Pretoria.

The ANC has defended Magashule after Sunday newspapers published allegations contained in Pieter-Louis Myburgh book “Gangster State – Unravelling Ace Magashule’s Web of Capture”.

“The latest salvo is a clearly well coordinated media attack in today’s Sunday Times and City Press on our secretary-general, Comrade Ace Magashule. The front page stories in both the Sunday Times and City Press which are almost identical in content, and even have whole paragraphs with exactly the same wording, are based on a typical stratcom style fake-news book by Pieter-Louis Myburgh, with the sensationalist and ridiculously propagandistic title ‘Gangster State – Unravelling Ace Magashule’s Web of Capture’,” the ANC statement said on Sunday.

“Myburgh has since 2016 been disseminating lies about the secretary-general, so we see this book as a culmination of all those lies.”

On Monday, Magashule said the special NEC meeting was focusing on the ANC candidates list submitted to the Electoral Commission of South Africa for the upcoming May 8 general elections and the problem of loadshedding linked to power utility Eskom.

“We are happy that government is dealing with this matter [of Eskom] and I’m sure quite recently we have seen that indeed, loadshedding is being addressed as we move on. There are still some key challenges as we move forward but government is dealing with whatever challenges that are there, be it the issue of coal supply, the quality of coal or planned disruptions,” said Magashule.

The secretary-general rubbished allegations that the candidates list had been changed. Media reports alleged a fallout between Magashule and another ANC heavyweight, State Security Minister, Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba, with the latter reportedly accusing Magashule of tampering with the list.

“We heard different voices out there, people thinking that the list has been changed. As the chair of the list committee, we decided that it would be important to brief the entire [NEC] meeting about the list. That list was adopted by the list conference, the national executive committee and we have interacted with the list from time to time.

“With Comrade Dipuo [Letsatsi-Duba] we have clarified the issue which was raised. She said she was not the one who raised that matter. We engaged and settled that matter. She said in their group, there was somebody who said the list had been changed. There is no list which was changed.” (ANA)