Analysis on who could have authored the “Project FBI (ANC friction)” document, and the motivation thereof


By: Richard Chaka

From the analysis, the document is clearly a smear targeting Minister Lindiwe Sisulu, and peppering praises for David Mahlobo.

To understand the analysis process that draws us to the conclusion, we will first start with an analysis of the entities mentioned in the document, sentiment of the mentions, and the narrative arch.

Entities in the document: 

  Entity/ Persons Mentions Positive  Sentiment Neutral


Negative Sentiment
1 Brian Molefe 6 1 3 1
2 Mo Shaik 7 1 4 2
3 DCJ Zondo 10 3 4 3
4 Zizi Kodwa 9 4 3 2
5 Fikile Mbalula 1 1
6 Siphiwe Nyanda 1 1
7 Loyiso Jafta 5 1 3 1
8 2 SSA Informers 1 1
9 Neil Barnard 7 3 2 2
10 3 Reps: 1x Mossad

& 2x CIA

2 1 1
11 2 Reps from Newsroom 1 1
12 Sydney Mufamadi 9 7 2
13 Lindiwe Sisulu 9 2 7
14 Ayanda Dlodlo 11 9 2
15 DD Mabuza 4 2 2
16 Cyril Ramaphosa 10 4 2 4
17 Jacob Zuma 13 4 2 7
18 AMCU 2 1
19 Joseph Mathunjwa 1 1
20 Jonas (Mcebisi) 1 1
21 Koko (Matshela) 1 1
22 David Mahlobo 13 12 1





The major actors in the article are David Mahlobo, who received the highest number of mentions, and Jacob Zuma.

Sentiment ratio analysis skews the data between two persons, with David Mahlobo receiving the highest ration of POSITIVE sentiment, and Minister Sisulu getting the highest number of NEGATIVE sentiment. Jacob Zuma gets high NEGATIVE sentiments as well, but he is not the main protagonist in the story.

The document has clearly been drafted to project Mr Mahlobo as victim of some plots, and a “clean” person, but attacks Minister Sisulu. The rest of the actors and persons in the story are nothing but actors to fill in the gaps of the document.

The propaganda tactic used has been to obfuscate as much as possible, and overload as much information as they can to the people in order to hide its intent. The document has no central story, or narrative, but rambles on about different incoherent sub-scences, and sub-themes of a “meeting” which had no objective.

A lot of red flags light up immediately when you look at the persons mentioned, and whether or not they participate in this “fake” meeting. Fikile Mbalula receives only one mention, that he was at this “fake” meeting – and there is no mention of him ever speaking even once, in this long document.

Some of the extracts to expose that this is a David Mahlobo generated propaganda: 

  • What I noticed during the meeting was the passion and the hate I saw from the language of Lindiwe Sisulu against Ayanda Dlodlo, David Mahlobo, DD Mabuza and the President himself

Cyril Ramaphosa, o Mahlobo is presented as a victim of “passionate hated” by Sisulu

  • The Two former spies and Barnad explained that they worked for the State Security Agency and one of them said he was promised millions of Rands but was only paid 7 million and he lost a court case when Mahlobo refused to pay him what was demanded, o Mahlobo, in this narrative is presented as someone with integrity, a person who refused to “pay” former spies.
  • Neil Barnard also explained that he also took the agency to court to pay him over R30 million rand but Mahlobo also refused to pay Barnard and he also lost his case when he tried to take the Agency to court that’s what he told us.

o Mahlobo, once more, is presented as someone who refused to pay R30m from SSA. Being presented as someone who was guarding the state funds. 

  • It was during the change of leadership and the inauguration of Ramaphosa that He was called by the previous Minister not Ayanda and not Mahlobo accompanied by Loyiso Jafta where Barnard got paid the whole amount of R30 million plus interest o The above paragraph clearly goes to great length to exonerate Mahlobo from being party to this R30m payment. Again, projecting him in good light.
  • The problem started when Zuma questioned their greediness and Mahlobo after taking over reigns also started to question their way of operation and they said Mahlobo said they were greedy and he wont all them to use the state to enrich themselves o Again, Mahlobo is presented as a man of high ethical morals. Telling the people who wanted to form a union that he “won’t allow them to use the state to enrich themselves.


  • Loyiso Jafta he confirmed that during the project yes monies were paid but there is no signature of Mahlobo or Zuma but Lindiwe insisted that we mention Mahlobo either way and when Loyiso said she was scared of Ayanda if he lies and that no approval was granted by her for him to come testify o Emphasis is made that Mahlobo is clean because there was no signature of either him or Zuma, but Sisulu is smeared, claiming that she wanted to implicate Mahlobo by hook or by crook.
  • Neil Barnard even suggested that we forge Zuma and Mahlobo signatures o Now Mahlobo is presented as a victim of another scam, forging his signature to implicate him in a crime
  • Zizi suspected that abo Lindiwe are after Ramaphosa also as she was busy trying to buy their face asking them to deal with Ayanda Dlodlo and Mahlobo o Again, Mininister Sisulu presented in a negative light as someone who is plotting to “deal with Mahlobo”
  • Zizi suspected that Lindiwe is threatened by Mahlobo’s good work ethics and Knowledge he has in the government, o Mahlobo is presented as a man with good work ethics, while Minister Sisulu is presented as someone who is threatened by that.
  • Sydney is called to be cross examined by we were assured by Mo Shaik that Zondo is on our side and will do his best not to allow that to happen not by hook or crook so that the Mahlobo and Zuma will always have a cloud hanging forever without a chance to cross examine Sydney o Again, Mahlobo is a victim of another plot. That he won’t be allowed to crossexamine Sydney at the State Capture Commission.
  • Sydney has never worked with the intelligence and sending him to talk about these things which have no proof or signatures bearing Zuma or Mahlobo might be problematic o Again, Mahlobo is presented as a victim, because they are going to talk about him, and things that have “no signatures” bearing his name.

The whole document was focused on Mahlobo, while smearing Minister Sisulu. So it is safe to conclude that it is a Mahlobo’s poorly crafted propaganda – but the propaganda is too sophisticated for an untrained eye.