ANC fights high costs of data


Staff Reporter 

JOHANNESBURG- The African National Congress (ANC) has prioritised the lowering of mobile data and is also concerned about the negative impact that high cost of data services has on ordinary South Africans.

The ANC believes that as a result of the high cost of data, the majority of South Africans are unable to enjoy the benefits of the digital economy.

“The ANC encourages the government to take urgent steps to ensure full implementation of all policies and regulations in support of the #DataMustFall campaign, working together with the Regulator (ICASA) and all mobile operators in our country”, the statement read.

“We are encouraged that some operators have taken the first step to lower data prices since the popular call for lowing data costs. However, this is not enough. The mobile operators must demonstrate goodwill and lower data prices and allow the government to resolve the allocation of a new spectrum”.

Furthermore, the ANC called on all relevant stakeholders to take urgent steps in ensuring the implementation of this important policy imperative.

“We urge the regulator and mobile operators to move swiftly in finding an amicable solution to the disputes surrounding regulations on the ‘Code of Conduct for Electronic Communications Services’,”.

According to the statement, the constraints experienced by mobile operators and also an acceleration of the roll-out of broadband networks in rural areas entirely depends on the release of spectrum international mobile telecommunications services (IMT-Advance).
“The ANC policy seeks to increase investment and growth in the telecommunications sector. At our recent ANC Lekgotla, we called on the government to urgently implement the decision of the 54th National Conference, specifically the need to lower the cost of communications in the country, in particular, the cost of data”.