APSA calls for Adv Paul Pretorius to extricate himself from the Inquiry Commission


Staff Reporter 

JOHANNESBURG- The Academic Professional Staff Trade Union (APSA) has called upon Advocate Paul Pretorius who is the evidence leader at the State Capture Commission to rescue himself from the Inquiry Commission.

This comes after APSA learnt of the legal services that Adv Pretorius provided for Mr Adrian Lackay who is the current spokesperson to the Ministry of Public Enterprises at his arbitration case against SARS at the CCMA in 2017.

According to APSA, the free services provided by Adv Pretorius were due to both direct and indirect influence by Minister Pravin Gordhan.

“Firstly as APSA Trade Union, we want to know whether Advocate Paul Pretorius denies the above and if it is not a case of mistaken identity by ourselves. If not, we want to know whether Advocate Pretorius disclosed the above facts to the commission, if not, why not.

“Secondly, with the above facts, is Advocate Pretorius and/or the Commission not holding our view that this amounts to a conflict of interest especially when Minister Gordhan is said to be architecture and brains for and about the allegations of state capture. And more so when there have been so many theatricals of leakages of affidavits and unexplained postponement and a general view of Minister Gordhan being given preferential treatment”

“And lastly, whether he does not think that in the interest of the integrity of the Commission just like Comfort Ngidi, he must recuse himself from the commission,” said APSA.

The Union further called for Advocate Pretorius to recuse himself or to be recused from the Commission.

“Otherwise, the perception of preferential treatment and favouritism afforded to Minister Gordhan within the Commission, exacerbated by all this unexplained leaks and postponement will be viewed as real.”

APSA said they had no doubt that Advocate Pretorius will accede to their request or be removed by the Commissioner himself, Judge Zondo for the integrity of the Commission.