Black sellouts, we know what you are up to. You’ll not do it in our name


By Joe Malinga

Let’s not beat about the bush, the mainstream media is out to get comrade Ace Magashule, the Secretary-General of the ANC, and they are out to get him good and at all cost. There is a bounty on his head, and he is the equivalent of a wanted man in a bad B-Grade Hollywood Western, with ‘Wanted Ace: Dead or Alive’ posters under the mastheads of the most well-known Sunday rags, tabloids and dailies, tied to every street pole.

Comrade Ace has replaced President Jacob Zuma as South Africa’s boogeyman. Not that the attacks on President Zuma have totally ceased, because having invested untold effort and money into transforming Nxamalala from ‘Number One’ into ‘Enemy Number One’, it makes financial and propaganda sense for the Stratcom experts to use the two peas in the same pod strategy, and to place comrades Zuma and Ace shoulder-to-shoulder at every contrived crime scene, from a so-called plot-meeting at the Maharani to the formation of the African Transformation Movement (ATM).

The self-appointed sheriffs of SA-ville do not allow themselves to be confused by facts, after all, they arrogantly reckon it is for a good course and that the end justifies the means. This is the Thuma mina brigade and sent they most definitely are …
Sent to keep the “economic barbarians”, to use Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s words, out of town and away from the bank (yes, you understand right, the South African Reserve Bank [SARB]), and preferably safely locked up in jail. Tito must please not try to complain again that he was quoted out of context, because that is precisely what he meant.

After all, is said and done, this is exactly what it is all about: The Economy. As Bill Clinton so famously said: “It is the economy, stupid”. In our case, to be more specific, it is about who controls the economy and sits at the main table of the banquet gorging their bulging stomachs.

Having maneuvered nicely through the dangers of the CODESA negotiations, and kept their sticky hands on the levers of economic power, the White Masters who control our economy are not about to get an attack of guilty conscience and let go, and why the hell should they now that their man is the equivalent of the new mayor in town? He delivered very nicely, thank you, during the negotiations and since then with their help – having joined the ranks of the fat cats – he is most definitely going to deliver even better now. Mr. Delivery himself on a Bidvest scooter! (Forgive me for that bit of indulgence. I could not resist … and it is apt anyhow).

As Irene Menell, grant dame of the old Anglo-Vaal mining empire, said the other day at a Bryanston tea party, with pristine white Damascus tablecloths and the finest porcelain, “What a blessing the man is!”.

She and her husband, Clive Menell, knew exactly what they did when, as a “charitable gesture”, they placed him back in the late 1980s on the Board of the Urban Foundation. Clive always had a good eye for talent. He is late now, but he would have been so proud of his protégé. The best investment he ever made …

Yes, indeed an investment that is continuing to pay off handsomely. But let us get back to the proverbial fly, in the celebratory ointment that they are embalming themselves with, comrade Ace Magashule. The man just does not want to let up on the Radical Economic Transformation (RET) project. The speech that he gave on the 18th of May at the Walter Sisulu Memorial Lecture in Mangaung, with comrade Walter Sisulu’s daughter comrade Lindiwe Sisulu next to him, had put the fear of God into White Monopoly Capital (WMC) and the comprador black capitalists, who were just beginning to become complacent that they are back in the driving seat after the (for them) ‘harrowing’ Zuma years.

Eish, just read what comrade Ace had to say: “It just cannot be that 25 years after our first democratic elections the control of the resources of our country is still primarily in the hands of white people, who are the descendants of the colonists who stole our wealth and land in the first place.

We cannot allow a few of us to be co-opted into the power structure of the (mainly white) rich, while many (indeed most black and African people) still remain poor, and without any significant economic power to determine our own destiny.”

This is nightmare stuff for the White Monopoly Capitalist Masters, with their Uncle Toms in tow! If there was ever a chance that comrade Ace was going to be allowed to stay unchallenged in his democratically elected position as Secretary General of the ANC (and admittedly that was very slim), it was definitely gone after what he said at the Waaihoek Methodist Church in Mangaung on that day.

The wave of already negative media attacks had to be turned into the full-blown proportions of a Stratcom propaganda tsunami, and that is exactly what happened during the past few weeks. Day-after-day, Sunday-after-Sunday, the mouthpieces of White Monopoly Capital led by The Sunday Times, have been relentless in their attacks on comrade Ace Magashule, and those around him. Their message is singleminded in its purpose: “ACE MUST GO!” … Like Jacob Zuma had to go, Ace Magashule must go!

The enemies of full black (and especially African) economic empowerment have shown their intentions without any ambiguity. Only the totally death and blind can still fail to hear and see what they are up to. They are determined that the people’s revolutionary project of Radical Economic Transformation (RET) must be killed, and buried once and for all. Those who dare to stand up for

RET must be destroyed and turned into frightening examples for anyone who may still harbor such ‘wayward’ ideas. As with President Jacob Zuma, comrade Ace Magashule must be sacrificed on the altar of White Monopoly Capital and greed, to keep the ‘hordes’ of black (African) poor away. Sadly their altar boys and girls are black and sing in a vulgar falsetto that, now so abused, beautiful song of Bra Hugh Masekela; Thuma Mina (send me).

Faced by such a harrowing reality, let’s cut to the chase: There is no alternative but to fight for the heart of our beloved Liberation Movement, the African National Congress.

It is time that the grassroots members of the ANC, in our branches mobilize, stand up and say: NOT IN OUR NAME!
Not in our name will the masses of black poor and unemployed continue to be trampled on and exploited by White Monopoly Capital and its black lackeys.

Not in our name will our RET leaders be subjected to character assassination, and being called gangsters by young white boys. Not in our name will President Jacob Zuma continue to sit any longer in the dock of a politically motivated and manipulated kangaroo court. Not in our name will comrade Ace Magashule be force-marched out of the Office of the Secretary-General of the ANC by black sell-outs. Not in our name will the hopes of our people for a better life be scuppered, and the future of our children destroyed.

As the rank-and-file members of the ANC, we are the descendants and products of Solomon (Sol) Plaatje, Anton Lembede, Chris Hani, Lilian Ngoyi, Winnie Madikezela-Mandela, Helen Joseph, Harry Gwala and many other heroic revolutionary leaders. In our name, the Second Phase of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) must proceed apace. We will not have our freedom stolen away from us. We know what our revolutionary duty is. In our names and the name of our revolution, we know what to do. WE WILL DO IT!

  • Joe Malinga is an ANC member in Mpumalanga