City of Joburg dismisses 11 corrupt licensing officials


JOHANNESBURG, March 13 – The City of Joburg said it had dismissed 11 employees from the department of public safety’s driver licensing testing centres after they were found guilty of fraud, corruption, and dishonesty in internal disciplinary hearings last month.

Michael Sun, member of the mayoral committee for public safety, said the employees registered vehicles to fictitious individuals and “dumped” the traffic fees and penalties of offenders by transferring the amounts payable to these nonexistent persons on the system.
They would thereafter re-register the vehicles of the offenders in their names so that they are not liable for the traffic fees or penalties. Sun said formal letters of dismissal had been issued to the city employees.
“One of the first campaigns we embarked upon when I took office as MMC of public safety was the antifraud and corruption campaign,” he said.
“We cannot stand with our arms folded and watch a corrupt business go by under our noses.”
– African News Agency (ANA)