WATCH: Colin Kaepernick stars in new Nike ad campaign

Nike chooses Colin Kaepernick, the first NFL player to kneel during the national anthem as a protest against racism, as one of the faces for a new ad campaign marking the 30th anniversary of its “Just Do It” slogan. Eve Johnson reports.

Nike is putting Colin Kaepernick back in the spotlight.

The former quarterback was the first in the NFL to kneel in protest against racism.

Now Nike has added him to a line-up of athletes to feature in a new ad campaign to mark the 30th anniversary of its “Just Do It’ slogan.

Kaepernick shared an image from the ad on social media, which has the quote, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”

Kaepernick played for the San Francisco 49ers for six years.

Two years ago he began to kneel during the national anthem to protest police killings of black men.

The move sparked a wave of criticism from some NFL fans and U.S. President Donald Trump, who has called for NFL players who disrespect the American flag to be fired.

Kaepernick hasn’t been signed by any team since his protests began.

He’s since filed a collusion grievance against NFL owners.

Nike has called Kaepernick quote “one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward.”

News of the ad campaign broke just days before the first game of the NFL season on Thursday (September 6).