Consumer watch body concludes Ford Kuga probe


Zodidi Mhlana

JOHANNESBURG- The National Consumer Commission (NCC) says that its investigation into the Ford Kuga controversy has been completed and the findings will be released in January next year.

Almost 150 complaints regarding Ford Kuga’s catching fire were lodged with the consumer watch body since the start of 2017.

“I can confirm that the investigation into allegations relating to combusting Ford Kuga utility vehicles has been completed, and that our investigators are currently busy compiling the report for it. Given the impending holiday season and consequent closure of office, we anticipate that the report will be available and ready for further processing by end of January 2018. The contents of this report will guide the NCC on how best to proceed with this matter,” NCC spokesperson Trevor Hattingh said.

Picture : GCIS

Hattingh said that the report will include recommendations.

Ford could be fined 10% of its turnover for violating the consumer act.

Some of the consumers who lodged complaints the NCC accused Ford Motor of refusing to take responsibility for the faulty cars.

After more than 40 1.6-litre Kuga SUVs caught fire, the company early this year announced a recall of all Kuga 1.6ls. The recall affected 4, 500 vehicles.

The recall was announced a year after Ford Kuga 1.6l vehicle owner, Reshall Jimmy, 33 had already lost his life.

He died when his vehicle burst into flames between George and Knysna on December 4, 2015.

His family has been very vocal about his death.

The family announced that it would be pursuing a civil claim against Ford South Africa over Reshall’s death. Other Ford Kuga owners will be part of the class action as well.

Jimmy’s family has said that it was seeking a proper settlement and an apology from Ford Motor in order to find closure.