More than corruption 5000 allegations received – Corruption Watch


Zodidi Mhlana

JOHANNESBURG- There has been a rise in the number of corruption allegations received by Corruption Watch over the past year.

Corruption Watch on Wednesday released its annual report which revealed that over 5000 complaints were lodged with the group during 2017.

The report titled: The Time is Now showed that major complaints were regarding corruption allegations at schools, the South African Police Service, traffic and licensing sector and health care.

Executive director at Corruption Watch David Lewis urged members of the public to continue speaking out on the issue.

“We call on the public to continue reporting corruption to us. We owe our democracy to the vigilance and tenacity of our people. Increased vigilance is the duty we continue to owe to our democracy. 2017 was a landmark year but it was only reached with great effort on the part of civil society and the media and an independent judiciary.  Above all, it was achieved by an active and vigilant public. Corruption cannot be overcome without those who are willing to blow the whistle. They are the true heroes,” he said.

Lewis that the organization has received more than 20 000 corruption complaints since it was launched six years ago.

The majority of the allegations are from Gauteng, which stands at 46%, followed by KwaZulu- Natal and the Western Cape at 8%.

Lewis said that 30% of the complaints were about alleged corruption at provincial government and at a national level and 9% in the private sector.

“Most corruption tends to take place at the interface between the public and private sectors, and the most common form of corruption reported is bribery, which accounts for 27% of reports received in 2017. Embezzlement of funds featured in 13% of reports, followed by procurement irregularities,” Corruption Watch report stated.