False and fabricated flag of Project FBI


By: Richard Chaka

A three-page document called Project FBI (ANC Friction) recently made the rounds on social media, detailing the ANC’s factionalism and secret meetings. According to the author of the document, who only identified himself as “attendee”, the meeting was attended by  Zizi Kodwa, Fikile Mbalula, Siphiwe Nyanda, Mo Shaik, Loyiso Jafta,  two State Security Agency informers “who gave all the information to us and one of them is the handler to the other”, Neil Barnad, the former Apartheid operative turned SSA operative and three representatives, one from Mossad and two from CIA, two representatives from Newzroom TV channel.

“The biggest surprise was to see Sydney Mufamadi accompanied by Lindiwe Sisulu and one young gentleman who was never introduced but you can see he was very important to her,” wrote the attendee.The document reads like a fantastical undercover thriller covert operation with several twists and turns but lacks contextual basis or any clear objective for the meeting.

Spies have come out of the woodwork with some childishly woven storyline that is as pathetic as their designs. Handlers, political tadpoles, journeymen, double agents trained in the craft of misinformation, plotting and character assassination have emerged to cast doubt on the chilling revelations that were recently made by the former Minister Sidney Mofumadi at the Zondo Commission. To hide their complicit conduct and looting of State Security funds, they craft a story aimed at soliciting sympathy on their behalf.

Spies operate in a very dark and gloomy environment that is not given to both transparency and accountability. Spies have two main objectives which are defensive or offensive, depending on whatever cause that they pursue.  They defend by protecting their national interests through sourcing information and intelligence, thus providing forewarning. They are defensive by skilfully crafting fabrication and disinformation campaigns aimed at harassing the designs of their opponents.

When the spies that fall under the last category go rogue, they become skilful con-artists.  The so-called Project FBI is the outcome of the rogue screeching con-artists who ply their craft outside the normal bounds of decorum and accepted standards of propriety in the intelligence world. This category is plagued and infested by spies who are known for their disingenuous character and who are celebrated spineless stooges. These are deft in the craft of falsification, mudslinging, since they are interlopers to any semblance of honesty.

In the opening lines of the so-called expose, the informant or Mr/ Mrs X used the plural expression “we” or “us” interchangeably. In so doing he/she exposes the existence of a cabal that may or may not feature the persona of the president as it’s supposed patron. This supposed power and influence that is yielded by this group is displayed by the flagrant arrogance that has empowers this group to summon Deputy Chief Justice Zondo at will. We are told that their power extend deep and far in the realm of castigating  him for such trivial conduct or “offenses” such as,”for smiling and treating Molefe softly.”

Mr / Mrs X take pride and credit from interfering with the work of the Commission such that , “ we managed to stop Brian from continuing.” This act of stopping Brian Molefe took place after,” a plan was hatched without the knowledge of Number 1 because we were not sure how he was going to react.” Ordinarily Number 1 is privy to the workings of this cabal, save on that rare occasion because they could not ascertain his reaction. Wow!

Mr/ Mrs X places additional clues into the cloak and dagger workings of this cabal when he/she states that,” During our meeting it was decided that Zondo should not attend as we already told the country he was under quarantine.” This implies that the entire Zondo Commission is a farce and a staged manipulated lunching mob held and directed by elaborate puppet strings by the cabal.

Then the stage is set in some animal farm where the main story is supposed to have unfolded.  The fictional characters are sketched in some measure of half-baked detail with a tinge of cynicism, amateurish and lopsided depiction. This story takes fictional proportions in this episode where the number of attendees is enunciated.
The agenda of the meeting is not stated but we can safely assume that it is meant to muster some campaign at protecting Number 1.  We are not told who presided over the meeting, let alone who convened it. It could as well have been an imaginary hangout session of odd characters meeting in the fertile or phantasmagorical realm of the writer.

There is no love lost between Lindiwe Sisulu and Israel, let alone its spy agency Mossad. When Lindiwe Sisulu, during her tenure as International Relations Minister downgraded  the Israel’s Embassy  as per the resolution of the ANC Nasrec conference, she attracted both their ire and resentment. How could she sit in the same meeting with Mossad and apartheid spies who tormented her father, mother and family for over 30 years?  This is where the imaginary fertility of the writer ceases to be creative. It makes lurid and shambolic turns.

We are told that the imaginary meeting degenerated into a frenzy of name calling and character lambasting. We are supposed to believe that ministers descended to the level of street corner gossip and cheap shebeen utterances. These tavern episodes are related with an mischievous measure of mirth and hyperbole. The imaginary meeting resolved that Sidney Mufamadi would bell the proverbial cat at the Zondo Commission. The writer states that there was some apprehension at this resolution given the fact that Sidney Mofumadi never worked in the intelligence before and thus his submission could be easily discredited.


It took Mo Shaik, to give assurance “that Zondo is on our side” we are informed. Strange as it sounds, earlier the very same writer attested and boasted to the effect that Zondo was on their side. He stated that Zondo “was a very important tool at our disposal”.  Now why did he need Mo Shaik to assure him that Zondo was on their side?  Such inconsistencies are the hallmarks of fabrication and malicious intents.

The narrative that fallowed about who was owed what monies and how much was supposedly paid to former President Jacob Zuma and the subsequent frantic search for such proof takes us to the realm of star Trek movies. The portrayal of some people in this case, David Mahlobo as a victim owing to his “good work ethic.” is laughable and smells of desperation.

The informer states that the rationale for the meeting was to protect Number 1 and then changes tune and states that “it seemed that the other people target is the Zuma group but also, they want Ramaphosa also to fall.” What infertile mind can come to such ludicrous assumption? The informant ‘s confusion and imagination tuns into cul-de-sac when he confesses thus: “I am asking myself what’s the real aim of this project, is it to nail Zuma or to nail Zuma and sacrifice Ramaphosa at the same time?


So, an imaginary meeting of apartheid spies, CIA and Mossad agents with senior officials, current and past Ministers meets on a confused bases of targeting both the current and the previous president? What hogwash and diatribe!  The informant solicits our sympathy when he states towards the conclusion firing a salutary warning: “The country is under siege as the two factions are fighting till death. Do I want to be part of it, the answer to that one is a big No.”


Now the informant is a patriot with pure and unquestionable nationalists sentiments. He has been part of a clandestine cabal that has been micromanaging the Zondo Commission for some time as he alleges and the Judas Iscariot, gazing at his failed fictional story, seeks some hugs. This story shows his poor training an informant and his double agent tendencies. An askari of note hides beneath the veneer of his fabricated story and his dismal failure to cast aspersions on some ministers and leaders.


Instead, he succeeds in conspiring, unwittingly or unwittingly to render the President of the Republic and the Zondo Commission susceptible to doubt and questionable intentions. Groping in the dark and burdened by nefarious intents, they act with desperation with smelling fumes coming out of their mouths. The informant through his waxed narrative, seeks to cast doubt on the submissions made by Sydney Mufamadi at the Zondo Commission. In his detailed submission, Mufamadi spilled the beans of the theft of resources in the State Security Agency.

He concludes with a more confusing but revealing statement. “I didn’t mention other three people involved in the talks because I would have risked exposing myself as the writer.” Someone who claims to be a patriot and who claims to be in a certain high level conspiratorial meeting suddenly finds it apropos to conceal the identities of his three friends, lest his own be revealed. Only a mental patient will proffer such ludicrous gibberish.

This farce or this badly penned fiery tale is occasioned with a silly notion of de-campaigning others while singing the so-called virtues of others.  For example Minister Lindiwe Sisulu is cited in a bad light about times seven times, whereas “His Excellency” David Mahlobo is projected in a positive light about seven times. The others who are mentioned in equal bad light are President Cyril Ramaphosa and Deputy Judge President Zondo.

It is evident who is the supposed and ultimate beneficiary of this misinformation, fabrication and lavatorial effort.  Such frantic acts of desperation belie one fact only – the fear of the small mind and its hangers on. These fakes of dubious parentage are ineligible of our audience.