Gayton McKenzie calls on police minister to compensate family of a boy killed by police


By: Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG- Patriotic Alliance (PA)leader Gayton McKenzie has called on police minister Bheki Cele to financially compensate the family of Nathaniel Julies, the 16-year-old Eldorado Park teenager who was shot dead by police last week.

Addressing mourners at the funeral service today, McKenzie called on Cele not to not to take the family through another trauma of court battles. “I want to thank minister Cele for visiting the family and for saying sorry. However this is not enough. Minister Cele must substantially compensate the family for their loss, McKenzie said. “Bridgette I’m sorry that your child had to die for the coloured community to rise. I’m sorry for your pain. Sometimes it takes death for the truth to come out. I’m here to tell the truth. “

McKenzie appealed to the colored community to take their unity to next year’s local government elections, implying that they must vote for the Patriotic Allince . “Coloured people lived better under apartheid – it’s a fact. Coloured people told apartheid government they won’t be free until black people were liberated. But look at the hardship coloured people go through under ANC government. There’s an agenda in this country against coloured people,” said McKenzie.

He concluded by calling on coloured people throughout South Africa to unite and determine their own destiny.

The Patriotic Alliance (PA) paid for the funeral cost of the funeral.