Gender Commission calls for Manana’s resignation as MP


CAPE TOWN, May 18 – The Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) on Friday called for the resignation of Mduduzi Manana as a member of Parliament, saying his continued standing was an insult to the victims and survivors of gender-based violence.

The former deputy minister of higher education is once again being accused of assaulting a woman, this time his domestic worker Christine Wiro. Last year, Manana was given a sentence of one-year imprisonment or a fine of R100,000 and 500 hours community service when he pleaded guilty to the charges of assaulting three women at a Nightclub in August. He chose the fine and community service with Valued Citizen Initiative.

“The Commission for Gender Equality has noted that despite having been remorseful in the previous case, assault seems to be a pattern that Mr. Manana uses in order to deal with his anger. Displaying his anger or frustration by unleashing it on women goes to show that he has learned little from Valued Citizen Initiative,” said the commission in a statement.

“Sentencing is for rehabilitation in South Africa to correct behavior, hence correctional service. This seems not to have worked with Mr. Manana.

“It is therefore against this backdrop that the Commission is calling for the resignation of Mr. Manana. This will give impetus to the fight against gender-based violence and other related atrocities. Having Mr. Manana remaining in Parliament would be an insult to the victims and survivors of gender-based violence.”

Manana has denied the claims of assault and has accused Wiro of perjury after she alleged he pushed her down the stairs at his Fourways home.

– African News Agency (ANA)