In conversation with a friend, on Gordhan’s testimony at the State Capture Commission


My dear brother, friend and comrade Themba Tshabalala.

You know I value your honest opinion and highly appreciate your good counsel. I know you mean well and the Zulu saying you quoted is absolutely spot on.

How I wish this battle was only about our past and we could easily leave this behind us. Unfortunately, the PRASA, Transnet, SABC, Denel, SAA, PIC and many other fights in our public institutions are part of a broader battle for the life and soul of the ANC, of our country and its democratic institutions. This is a big battle unfolding before our very own eyes and it’s about the present and the future of our country. We ignore this at our peril.

Unless one understands and appreciates the powerful political and economic forces behind Pravin Gordhan, Popo Molefe and the powerful network at their disposal today, one will not understand the true nature of the battle.

It is not a personal fight between Lucky Montana and Ntate Popo Molefe. It may have started at PRASA, then to Transnet and other SOEs/public entities, however, this is much, much bigger than many people would like to acknowledge.

The true nature of this battle is reflected in the SABC of today. You just need to study the role the SABC played 15/20 years ago, its programmes and who its analysts were at the time. Today, former 702, NEWS24, eNCA and personnel from other reactionary media outlets have moved en-mass to the SABC and are now the drivers of its editorial line, what we regard as news and its key current affairs programs.

This significant shift and the undermining of the real public mandate of the SABC are presented as “the clearance of corrupt State Capture elements linked to Jacob Zuma” but in real terms, this constitutes the ideological dominance of certain social and economic interest imposed on the nation as a whole. I can clearly say these are not the interests of the overwhelming majority of our citizens.

Pravin Gordhan claims there is a “fight back” by people linked to Zuma and the Guptas. Everyone opposed to Pravin Gordhan and his network is presented as a “Zuma and Gupta loyalist”.

There are huge differences in my politics to those of many of my friends that were linked to the Guptas. I had fought the Guptas on a consistent basis and when it was not fashionable to do so. Many of our leaders, including former and current Ministers, worked closely with them. Therefore, not everyone opposed to Pravin Gordhan, Popo Molefe and their criminal network is part of those that supported the Guptas.

In fact, we have seen many people who worked and served the Guptas in the past but today they have made a huge u-turn because of the shift in political and economic power. Malusi Gigaba tried this, turned against Msholozi but this backfired badly.

Equally, not everyone that opposes Pravin Gordhan, Popo Molefe and their network is anti-Cyril Ramaphosa. It is important that the President himself realizes that many battles are today fought in his name but they are not in the best interest of the ANC and South Africa.

Pravin Gordhan went to the Commission on State Commission last week. His testimony was so poor, lacked solid evidence but received rave reviews from the bourgeois media. He did not provide any solid evidence but repeated his old slogans that the media likes. He is indeed the “Dalai Lama” of the Bourgeois media.

His testimony was directed more at President Cyril Ramaphosa that to Justice Zondo. He wanted the President to hear his narrative as the “bastion against Zuma and the Guptas”. I listened to Pravin Gordhan’s testimony very well. It was significant in what he did not say or disclosed at the Commission than what he said.

This is a man that knows that he is in real trouble than he and his network would like to admit. No amount of statements by Zizi Kodwa to save one of their own or award of honorary degrees could change social reality or evidence forever. At some stage, President Ramaphosa would come to know the real truth and realize that the true criminals in our country are hiding just under his nose. Who knows, the President may have seen through this man already.

We should analyze carefully developments in our country and the different political, social and economic forces at play. You’ll realize there a huge difference between these forces, in form and substance, in quality and quantity.

Many of my own friends continue to advise that I leave these matters and “move on”. I take their advise and concerns seriously because these are men and women that care deeply about me and some would sacrifice their own lives for me. However, the nature of the issues and battles require some of us to sacrifice ourselves and to continue the fight. We should continue to do battle.

In one of the radio interviews I gave to Radio 702 in July 2015, I said to Popo Molefe, “you’ll win the battle but lose the actual war”.

This battle will continue for another decade beyond the 2019 National and Provincial elections and the 2021 Local Government elections.

Following the submission of Pravin Gordhan to the SoCC, I must admit I am personally seriously contemplating applying to the SoCC to make a submission to rebut some of the claims he made.

I consider it my civic duty and responsibility to in as much as I know, perceive and have lived through present a narrative that may give us all assistance to think through the labyrinth of a claim of State Capture as portrayed by Gordhan who arguably is the nexus for the claim of State Capture.
We dare not fail.