Mbalula is the poison that will kill the body of the ANC, says Andile Lungisa


Solly Makganoto 

African National Congress (ANC) councillor Andile Lungisa has lambasted Fikile Mbalula and called him a craven careerist and charlatan.

Lungisa said on his Facebook page that Mbalula is the poison that will kill the body of the ANC.

This comes after Mbalula who is ANC’s head of elections said that the party may have lost the elections had Ramaphosa not emerged as party president at the 2017 Nasrec conference.

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule has however dismissed Mbalula comments, saying supporters voted for the party, not an individual.

“This is the philistine that betrayed us for a Ministerial position when the ANCYL led by Cde Malema was under attack for advancing radical policies that have now been adopted by the ANC”, said Lungisa.

According to Lungisa, Mbalula was President Zuma’s biggest sycophants when they stood on principle and truth.

“Now, he’s prostituting himself to and pathetically trying to create a cult of President Ramaphosa that he didn’t even support in the Nasrec elections. In fact this snake saluted Cde Nkosazana Zuma on Twitter, congratulating her on being the first female to lead the ANC”. 

Lungisa said Mbalula should have some shame.

Mbalula previously criticised Magashule saying he was ‘reckless’ for making spy claims in public.

“We will not accept your attempt of creating cults, attack ANC leaders for the sake of your ambitions. Stop attacking Cde Magashule to get attention. Some of us will not be silent, no matter the cost, of calling out your divisive and reactionary tendencies”, said Lungisa.

Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans’ Association (MKMVA) spokesperson Carl Niehaus has also hit back on Mbalula saying: “Comrade Mbalula is indulging a nonsensical narrative. I am glad the SG dismissed the utter nonsense statement that the ANC vote would have gone down to 40% if President Ramaphosa was not elected President of the ANC. The people voted the ANC, not for any particular individual member. I have nowhere heard that president Ramaphosa claims that the victory of the ANC is his rather than that of the ANC. No member of the ANC is bigger than the ANC. Leaders come and go, the ANC remains”.

It can not be that some comrades make provocative statement on social media and the mainstream media and one is not to correct them, because we must be disciplined at every cost and allow them to write roughshod over us and everything the ANC should truly stand for. There are some comrade who are arrogant, provocative, careerist, and triumphalist in the extreme. Look know and again at what comrade Mbalula said to the SG on social media. Miss interpreting what our SG said, and taunting him. I am sorry but discipline does not mean that we must curl up and die, and allow ourselves to be subjected to constant provocation and abuse. I for one will never settle for that”,  said Niehaus responding to Lungisa’s post.