Nursing trade union warning prospective students about bogus colleges


Zodidi Mhlana

JOHANNESBURG- With thousands of matriculants planning to enrol at institutions of higher learning, the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (Denosa) on Tuesday warned prospective students about bogus nursing colleges.

Denosa’s acting General Secretary, Cassim Lekhoathi said that the majority of the bogus colleges “offering nursing courses” mainly mushroom during the start of the year.

“We need to warn members of the public so that they are not taken for ride. These colleges are usually in the cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. With this euphoria of education, a lot of student who are desperate to study become vulnerable. Each year, many students fall victims to bogus colleges,” he warned.

Lekhoathi advised prospective students to verify with the South African Nursing Council (SANC) if private institutions offering nursing are registered.

“By law, no student who studied at a college that is not accredited by SANC will ever be allowed to practice as a nurse in South Africa, and their time and money would have been wasted. Even if a school or college is accredited by SANC, if the programme they study is not accredited the students who studied will still not be allowed to practice as nurses. Denosa urges potential students who are interested in nursing colleges to also be careful of programmes such as ‘pre-nursing course’, which purport to lead one towards studying for a nursing course.”

“Most students who became victims only found out about the bogus colleges during the course of the year. When they are supposed to be writing exams, they don’t write them. Sometimes, they are being taught things that have nothing to do with nursing at all,” he added.