Patriotic Alliance intervenes in recent youth violence


By: Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG- On the 11th November, members from the Patriotic Alliance (PA) were summoned by concerned parents to intervene in the recent fights between youngsters from various school In Eldorado Park.

Minister Dwain Ponsonby and members from PA youth responded immediately by meeting with all the boys involved in their respective areas.

“On Friday, 13 November 2020; we managed to get them all in one venue to bring about peace and unity.
This was a major task that could go either way, however to our surprise both the young people and their parents agreed with our approach”, the Patriotic Alliance said.

“After a lengthy discussion with all concerned and handshakes and hugs went around everyone understood what is needed. All those involved committed themselves to be part of the solution.”

“As part of our intervention we will be having a peace soccer tournament on the 21st and 22nd November 2020 at the Eldorado Park Secondary School fields (Midas Sports Academy).”

This however will not be the only program done with them, as we need to ensure we assist in protecting the future of these young men.

In conclusion, the PA added: “We look forward to an exciting weekend powered by the Patriotic Alliance (PA) and will partner with all stakeholders to ensure a full circle approach in ensuring a brighter future for our community.

“We are committed to ensuring no young person will be subjected to crime and violence as we have a major role to play in restoring unity and the spirit ubuntu within our community,” the organization said.