Patriotic Alliance wins first round in court fight against ANC


By: Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG- During a hearing in the High Court in Johannesburg this morning, the ANC and Johannesburg mayor Geoff Makhubo were forced to make the embarrassing concession that the Patriotic Alliance (PA) should not be removed from the Government of Local Unity and the Political Management Council (PMC) that steers it.

According to the PA, this has exposed them badly, since the ANC’s lawyers had already confirmed, in writing, to the PA’s lawyers that the PA had already been removed from the PMC.

Subsequent affidavits, under oath, from Makhubo and the ANC’s Regional Secretary, Dada Morero, then denied this.

“On the basis that the ANC has now so conveniently denied that it intends to do what it has already declared it did, the urgent matter was removed from the court roll this morning.”

“The PA, however, fully intends to re-enrol this matter should the ANC show contempt of court and continue to flee from the pressing need for a meeting of all the GLU parties, which the PA has a clear legal right to form a part of.

“Today’s case has shown that the PA will not allow the ANC to so easily throw its weight around in order to cover up corruption at the Joburg Property Company,” the Patriotic Alliance said.

The PA’s legal team will today be writing to the ANC to make it clear that the ANC needs to abide by its own sworn oath to the High Court to observe the coalition agreement that was entered into among the PA, the ANC, COPE, the IFP, Al Jama-Ah, UDM and the AIC last year, or they will be exposed for contempt of court and perjury.

They will also need to abide by the terms of that agreement.