Power outages only to be implement if ‘absolutely necessary’ – Eskom

CAPE TOWN, August 2  – The risk of power outages remained high for the Thursday morning peak, with Eskom in a statement on Wednesday night saying workers would do everything possible to avoid more loadshedding.
Eskom said it managed to avert outages on Wednesday night after it warned earlier in the day of Stage 2 loadshedding – a scenario in which the power utility has to loadshed 2,000MW of electricity to prevent a total collapse of the power system.
“The risk of rotational loadshedding remains high for tomorrow [Thursday] from 05h00, but it will only be implemented if absolutely necessary. This as a result of the industrial action and the impact on Eskom’s operations,” it said.
Workers went on a wildcat strike this week after management failed to heed their demand for a once-off performance bonus to be included in a wage settlement deal. The strike has affected operations at some power plants. (ANA)