Recognise the custodians of transformation and empowerment – Survé urges Ramaphosa


President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Thursday afternoon, Dr Iqbal Survé who is the executive chairperson of the Sekunjalo Investment Group, has urged the president to recognise that the custodians of transformation and empowerment in South Africa needed to be supported.

SONA2019 sets the tone for the government’s work, which will aim to address the country’s challenges.

According to Dr Survé, it would not be enough that the president only spoke about his vision for the country.

“It is important that he recognises that those custodians of transformation and empowerment need to be supported. South Africa cannot go back to the days where black people, in particular, are marginalised.

“And it’s important for the president to ensure that real transformation in the economy occurs, even if it means upsetting some of the very powerful institutions out there today. After all, what is liberation without real transformation? I am confident that the president will address these issues.”

He mentioned the fact that black people were failed by the majority of South African corporates in not creating career pathways. The most recent statistics spoke for themselves that the majority of corporate South Africa remained 70% white and male.

According to Survé, it was only through being truly independent that Sekunjalo was able to give credence and opportunity for the development of black talent.

He highlighted the importance of a value system that places people before profits. He spoke of how Sekunjalo builds social contracts with workers and trade unions in all its businesses and how it uses its resources to impact positively on society, distributing profits to not just shareholders, but to an extensive philanthropic initiative.

“The philosophy of people before profits is that it symbolises that it is people that determine a company’s success or failure. A company is not a legal entity without people. It is people that fundamentally determine the trajectory of a company,” he said.

Survé sent a barb to all detractors saying: “The attack on Sekunjalo is an attack on genuine and authentic empowerment in this country. It is an attempt to roll back the gains that progressive people have made post our liberation.”

This article first appeared on IOL