Some may be afraid of you, I’m certainly not – Myeni tells Agrizzi


Simphiwe Zungu

JOHANNESBURG- The chairperson of the Jacob Zuma Foundation, Dudu Myeni, has taken the fight to former BOSASA COO, Angelo Agrizzi’s doorstep.

On Tuesday Myeni descended on the Zondo commission in Parktown Johannesburg, flanked by about 20 different civic organisation members. Myeni threw down her gauntlet, saying anyone who lies about her must prepare themselves for the full might of the law.

Myeni was responding to Agrizzi who told the commission that he put R300 000 in a Louis Vuitton bag and delivered to Myeni for “protection” from the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). Agrizzi said Myeni yielded such power around senior politicians and prosecuting authority members that he and BOSASA CEO Gavin Watson saw it necessary to win the heart of Myeni. Myeni has hit back at Agrizzi in a 50-page affidavit, Myeni attached the foundation’s bank statements as proof that she had not received money from BOSASA.

On the cash payments, Myeni said: “It’s amazing that a man who keeps pictures of everything has no pictures or receipts of the bag he allegedly bought me. If he bought such a bag at Sandton City, the cameras must be able to confirm this. If he did meet me at the hotels he says he did, then the cameras must be able to spot him handing over bags to me. Mr Agrizzi is a paid liar who is doing someones dirty work to destroy the company he once worked for. People think they can say anything they want about me because of my close proximity to former president Jacob Zuma. I am the chair of his foundation, my role ends there.” Myeni said.

Although Myeni didn’t want to divulge on her response to the Zondo commission, she has directed media queries to her lawyers. When asked if she will take the stand, a defiant-looking Myeni said: “I’ve been exposing the corruption performed by corporate giants at SAA for many years but you never reported on that. Who do you think has the big tenders at SAA? That is why I’ve been made the enemy. Why are black pilots still paid lower than white pilots? Go and look at my submissions to parliaments SCOPA, this fight is older than this commission.”

“I realise that some people may be afraid of Agrizzi, I’m certainly not. This liar must prepare himself for the cross-examination.” Myeni added.