Sowetan apology to Dudu Myeni not enough, “this time they picked the wrong woman” Myeni hits back


Hloni Mashigo 

JOHANNESBURG- Former SAA chair and advisor to the department of transport, Dudu Myeni, has won the first round against media publishing company, Sowetan. Myeni received a front page apology from the newspaper after it wrongfully put her picture on its cover story relating her to the VBS bank heist.

The VBS report quotes that it investigated the Dudu Myeni Foundation’s receipt of 1 million rands from the bank but corrects itself to say there was no foundation by that name and finds no record of any transaction between Myeni and the now defunct bank.

Following the apology, Myeni threw a spanner in the works by filing papers of a 10 million rands lawsuit against the paper. The 10 million which will be donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.

Myeni’s lawyers said, “they’re preparing to go down to the wire in exposing the Sowetans shenanigans”. Myeni says the apology doesn’t reverse the damage done to her person and brand.

“It wasn’t a mistake, it was Stratcom journalists at work to destroy another black woman. This time they picked the wrong woman” Myeni said.

The case against the Sowetan is due to start on the 1st of December 2018. The Sowetan said it will be engaging Myeni in the hope of an amicable out of court resolution.