The Sydney Mufamadi panel – were members of this panel vetted?


By Ngobese Mxoh

We understand that State classified information, documents and certain areas of the State cannot be accessed without a Security Clearance by anyone. That you are an academic or former Minister is not a spontaneous grant to a Security Clearance.

Were members of the panel vetted, and if so, who vetted them? You are already saying members of this panel would not have been able to access classified documents let alone interview the State Security Agency members if they had no Security Clearance. I am not one who leaves things to chance and assume matters.

Ask the right questions and demand answers! An example of assuming things without questioning them would be the deputy PP in Thuli Madonsela’s office who worked in that office for years without apparently being properly vetted. He was Zimbabwean. There are many other cases where senior police officers were not properly vetted.

Now, if the Sydney Mufamadi panel members were not properly vetted, should those, including President Ramaphosa, be criminally charged for illegally allowing people with no Top Secret Security Clearance to access classified documents?

How does anyone with no Security Clearance interview members of the intelligence establishments?

In time, the above questions would definitely be answered.