Analysis on the book Gangster State: How white corruption gave birth to so called “Black Corruption”


By Professor Boitumelo Senokoane

Ungenaphi u Pieter-Louis Myburgh?

We must question the sudden interest on why white reporters, authors, investigators,
researchers and academics, invest their time, energy and resources on black matters. We must also ask why do they have an interest in black life and “corruption” yet do not have interest in white corruption which manifests itself as the real state capture of all tiers of the state.

In a paper titled ‘WHITE MAN, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN’ which I delivered on the 6th of July
in 2011 at the University of South Africa, I opined that “It is actually very imperative that
black man creates his own knowledge because he must not trust a white man. It is not an
understatement to suggest and advice that black man should not trust a white man because of our political history and our current economic experience actually provide us with enough evidence and motivation for that. Even God cannot trust a white man with power because he has a bad history of abuse of power, therefore, a white man has lost moral authority over everything having to do with race, corruption, equality, justice, economic emancipation, and so on”.

However, what I want us to concentrate on is “white interest” in so-called “black
corruption”. We must ask why do they have interest in Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, Floyd
Shivambu, Ace Magashule, Nomvula Mokonyane, Bathabile Dlamini, et cetera?

My conclusion is simple; there is a white agenda to divide blacks and to plant seeds of
suspicion and mistrust amongst us. It is operation “don’t trust blacks to lead”. It is a project aimed at sending a message that before 1994 there was no corruption as suggested by the likes of Helen Zille yet having amnesia on colonial, apartheid and post-apartheid corruption by Whites.

The white amnesia on White Gangsterism, Mafianism, Collusion, Monopoly and Corruption
have given whites the guts and arrogance to speak boldly on black matters yet without a
view on White Corruption. Whites now have a license on black matters and are even experts on black life. According to them, there is no history of corruption before 1994, we have started in a clean slate.

It is in our division as blacks that people such as Pieter-Louis Myburgh has that nerve and
guts to speak about “black corruption” to a point that he declares anything black as a “
Gang” or “Gangster”. Myburgh like many whites, equate blackness with corruption yet
sugar-quoting it as ANC or the Black State itself. This is not a surprise or nothing new. But it is important to remind Myburgh and his fellow whites that the South African Economic
System and mess that we find ourselves in is a product of whiteness, their constitution and
all the institutions and structures that maintain and sustain White privilege.

It is a project to tell us that “the Black State” is of a “Gangster” yet having amnesia of
the White Mafia State” during and after apartheid.

The word “corruption” has become a replacement of the word “Impimpi” (an informer or
traitor) which was used by whites to saw division and suspicion among blacks. The rationale and purpose was to divide blacks and to ensure they suspect one another yet trust white oppressors and the success for whiteness from 1994 was an invention of “black corruption” as a new language aimed at dividing and confusing the black majority.

It was through the South African Constitution imposed on the black majority without a referendum that white corruption gave birth to “black corruption” and psychological
enslavement of the black majority to doubt and mistrust each other. The key negotiators of
the same constitution which betrayed the aspirations of the black majority become wealthy
in the process whilst blacks were given civil liberties such as the right to marry Whites, eat
with Whites, stay in the suburbs with whites but not share the wealth of the country.

Inclosure, before anyone starts to sing about me protecting or promoting corruption, I will in future provide my view on how to deal with “black corruption”. I am equally against
corruption as it takes away the fundamental right to service delivery but as it is, blacks are
trapped into the agenda and web of whiteness especially since Whites have not learned to
challenge their undeserved privilege.

Therefore black man must be very careful not to trust a white man to run his politics,
economy, religion, and society. We can never entrust a white man to represent the interest
of a black man, even the white liberals. Remember, we learn it from our past experience that: “The biggest mistake the black world ever made was to assume that whoever opposed apartheid was an ally”. We must never avoid asking; why is this white man interested in me, even if it is a genuine interest. We must never stop being suspicious.

A black man must, therefore, take it upon the self to educate himself, write his own books
and equip himself to become economically, socially, religiously and culturally independent
of whites. This is not easy, but it is achievable, and it is for the right course, black man you
are on your own. For whiteness operates without a knowledge and with the innocence of black pain, black poverty, inequality and “white corruption”, it (corruption) is often used as the sole cause of the problems in black communities yet forgetting to mention that corruption is everywhere and created by white countrymen, imperialists and their corporations, especially when it comes to natural resources and arms trade.

The story about corruption on the General Secretary of the ANC, Ace Magashule, is
therefore part of a bigger white agenda in the name of transparency against any black who
is confronting whiteness (politically, economically, theologically, constitutionally, socially).